Monday, September 28, 2009

Boris Kodjoe loves his wifey!

Boris Kodjoe did an interview with Black Voices where he talked about the possibility of working with his wife Nicole Ari Parker again.

"Do you have any plans to work with your wife anytime soon?

BK: Absolutely, I love working with my wife. She’s an amazing actress. She’s really gifted. Every time I get a chance to work with her it makes me better. We have a great time together. We have a project in development that’s a romantic comedy we’re gonna do together next year. She’s doing ‘The Deep End’ right now, which is a new ABC series she’s shooting with Billy Zane. So she’s doing her thing. I’m very proud of her.

He also talked about his new movie Surrogates.

With this film, there was something I could be really involved with. We're living in a time where technology has slowly taken over, not only the human workforce but human communication. It's a dangerous prospect that interests me tremendously, because if we stop communicating, our relationships will break apart. That's a very critical aspect of trying to get family structures back and get relationships back on point. The movie is set in a time like today, where we have technology that enables us to live vicariously through a robot , or surrogate"

The movie opened this past weekend so check it.

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