Monday, September 28, 2009

Are Wale and SOL just friends?pics +video/Akon releasing MJ single?

U guys will remember the pics I posted up of Wale and Solange in Central Park having a picnic and listening 2 music?Well..even though she said on twitter that them two are just "friends"(they all say that)and even though they are "working together" music wise,we hear rumours that maybe they are getting to know each other better..or maybe they are already dating.A pic surfaced of Solange attending Wale's bday party in his Dc hometown at the PARK.Wale does not appear in the pic.
However,a video interview conducted by with Wale may or may not tell us that they are dating.Skip to 1:30+ when he shrugs when asked about Solange and says "thats my hommie"..hmm...oh well...other rumours are that Wale got to perform at the VMA'S because of Jay Z.since he may be dating Sol,apparently she put in a good word for him 2 jay z.I dont blive that.I mean Jay doesnt organize the VMA's and Wale is pretty talented on his own so he doesnt need backing like that.


In other celeb news,and as you can see from the video ,Akon was asked about whether he got the go ahead to release MJ's single and he said he couldnt talk about it yet.I guess we'll have to wait....

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