Monday, September 28, 2009

Estelle talks fashion week+new music+Lola Love "Runs This Town"+preggers with Souija Boys baby?

Estelle did an interview with site and had a few things to say about fashion week,accessories and gave some info on her new album.So ,for those of you who missed it ,here it is ,

YBF: You stepped off the music scene and into fashion last week. How did you enjoy Fashion Week?

Estelle: Well I am tired. Very exhausted! I’ve been all over the place. ::sighs:: I got lots of free stuff though. I really enjoyed myself.

YBF: Are there any future plans for your own fashion line?

Estelle: You know what, I love fashion! Especially accessories. (She has 14kt Gold braces on her bottom row of teeth) I am actually working on my own jewelry line that will debut in the spring of next year so look out for that.

YBF: Have you been homesick since leaving London? What exactly do you miss?

Estelle: No I don’t. Not at all. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love & miss my family but I’m not homesick. I love the states.

YBF: What are you thoughts on your former collaborator’s outburst at the VMA’s?

Estelle: Kanye! (laughs) Kanye is Kanye, What can you say. I have no comment. But things just get crazy sometimes. That’s my boy.

YBF: So what can we expect from your third solo album. Any exciting collaborations?

Estelle: Yes! Yes! Well I have about 4 more songs on the album to do and it will be done. I worked with John Legend. I’ve reached out to Mary J.Blige because she is one of my favorites so hopefully you will see a track with her as well.

So ,Ethiopian model /video vixen/actress /Karrine Steffans hater did a little "performance" with Trina over the beat to "Run This Town".*sigh...when will she stop?On a more positive note,I havent heard about pushing her new album under G-Unit as was the plan...hopefully it gets shelved... Check it anyway for a few laughs..or maybe u just love her...PS:Its kinda hard to hear so dont blame me..blame utube..



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