Thursday, August 13, 2009


I wanted to introduce you guys to two amazing Namibian friends of mine who are about to take the fashion world and design and modelling world by storm.Literally.

First up is one of my bestest friends here in NY .Her name is Christina Da Rocha and she may represent her beautiful country of Namibia at the annual Miss Africa USA contest.She's already in the leas as far as votes are concerned ,but I would like you all to support her by voting for her.Go to the site and search for Christina Da Rocha,or CLICK HERE
Tina is an active founding member of Club Africa Alive at WCC,which is an organization/club that was started to eradicate the negative images and stereotypes of africans and to support african causes like save darfur .So as you can see,she would be a great representative of her country and a deserving winner .

Next up is another dear friend of mine Hileni Shitenya Mwiiyale .Shes also from Namib and has her own fashion blog .Plus ,shes an upcoming designer so u better watch this space beacuse I will be interviewing her very soon for Jamati Tv.
Here's the link Nam -Afrique.

Aren't they both FAB?Gotta love Namib!

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Omg....Maz..U are such a Sweet heart....I love u're gonna make me cry..:(..but yeah Im loving ur ur thign girl..It'll take u far..