Thursday, August 13, 2009

Akon news:he stands up his own prez/Micheal J made him a better father?

Apparently the prez of senegal has put Akon in his "black book" because the "Lonely" singer didn't show up at a meeting that the two had set up.The meeting was supposed to be a press conference where the two would discuss the third festival or world black arts that should be happening in senegal this year.Akon attended a meeting at the UN in Ny some months ago to discuss this concert with diplomats and ambassadors and this conference was supposed to be a way of letting the public know the details of the event.Not a good look Akon.If I was the president,I would tell him to refund me for the ticket (just saying).
Oh and in an interview with Rap Up magazine ,Akon compared himself to the beatles.When asked how he is received whenever he arrives in Africa for performances, "It's like when the Beatles first came to the U.S times 10.Ridiculous"...yeah right Akon.
Oh and he says he gets mistaken for Tyrese all the time.Yeah right.

Heres a video of Akon talking about how MJ inspired him to be a better father.

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Anonymous said...

i'm so not impressed with akon. would he stand up prez obama? just goes to show the little regard some africans have for their own.