Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lola love "I'm not a video hoe"+Jordy Smith does rodeo flip.

Everyone's favorite video vixen ethiopian Angel Lola Love sat down for a video interview where she basically popped off on Karrine "superhead".The video vixen turned rapper (she is signed to 50 cents label)was quoted as saying ,

"The perceptions that people have of me and most video models are the total opposite of reality. They see things from the outside. So they have no idea about what goes on behind the scenes with the ones that do this to benefit themselves in a positive way".

"There are a lot of different reasons why I could never ride with the choices that ‘Superhead” made. I feel as though she played a major part in people really believing that all video vixens are just like her. Which is TOTALLY wrong!"


Okay ,Jordy Smith is my new celeb crush.He did what is being called "the most high-performance maneuver ever executed on a wave".(Grind Tv).
the 21 year old south african pro-surfer did a rodeo flip and here;s some video footage that you Must see.Im in love!!

JORDY SMITH does Rodeo.

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Kapsy said...

Wow..tht was insane. The guy looks familiar tho