Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wale gets glove in DC+moving in with Solange?+talks relationships and more..

So Wale was in his hometown of DC and got one hell of a welcome with groupies showing him love in the club.Peep the pics.

In other news,according to mediatakeout.com which I dont think is a credible source of celeb news ,the nigerian rapper and beyonce;s sister Solange are house hunting .The story says ,
"“Solange is looking to rent an apartment in Brooklyn – and Wale’s been at every appointment so far.“
yeah..i doubt that.

So building on the whole are they or are they not together thing,Wale did an interview with Honey magazine where he had some interesting things to say in reference to Sol.
Here are some quotes.
"I do love her,” he admits of Solange, flashing a Cheshire. “We’re friends. She’s amazing. She’s a good person."
"“Did you interview Solange about me?” Wale asks. He’s sprawled across his bed; head practically buried in the pillow. “Did she smile when you mentioned my name?”

Wale on attention deficit(new album)
“It’s honest. Raw emotion
. It’s close to me. That’s why part of me will be a little offended if it doesn’t get heard. I don’t want people to take lack of sales as me taking a hit"

On relationships..
“It’s about the intangibles in 2010,” he says. “The superficial shit is cool – like, yeah she can fuck, or she got a big butt. That’s the x factor. We’re not going to have sex 24/7 so we need to be friends. I want a girl who you could hijack all her extra artificial cosmetics for a week and not even notice. Somebody who’s smart and can stimulate me mentally because when you on the road it’s not like you can look at ‘em or touch ‘em. I can’t stand girls who don’t challenge their intellect. It don’t hurt if she can sing a little bit.”

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