Monday, December 21, 2009

Are Djimora really married?+details on Benin wedding

So did they or did they (Djimora) officially tie the knot in that super secret and private "ceremony" that was reportedly held in Benin while she was still technically not yet divorced from Russy (Russel Simmons)?Well,time to finally hear it from the horse's mouth.After snapping a family holiday pic with the newest addition to the Djimora clan ,Kenzo,Miss Kimora sat down with Page Six magazine and talked weddings/food/marriage.Here are a few quotes:all taken from,

On baking,"“I bake. I make a great German chocolate cake. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a great baker, the best,” she tells the magazine. “When I bake something, I swear to god, it’s gone before it hits the plate.”

On reports that her and Djimon’s marriage isn’t legit:

“That’s hogwash. The girls were there, and we had a wonderful time,” she says. “It was very calm, family-motivated and spiritual.”

On being “normal”:

“Djimon and I enjoy discussing anything from politics to wine, and we have enriching, private, happy, balanced lives together,” she says. “That’s probably the thing that would shock people most: We do things like go to the grocery store and have fun with our kids. We’re a normal family, doing the best we can.”

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