Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Akon tells baby mama to find him on Myspace?

Isnt this just interesting?one of Akon's baby mama's Sara Coleman threatened to put out a FULL PAGE ad in the LA times paper threatening Akon to pay up child support.
According to the ybf,
"Akon’s baby mama says she wants her cash from Mr. Akon. Now. He’s been late on the child support payments apparently. According to her lawyer, Farrah/Sara Coleman is taking out a FULL PAGE ad in the L.A. Times putting Akon on blast saying she hasn’t been able to find him to deliver his legal papers demanding him to pay up. Then the TMZ cameras caught up with Akon yesterday and he responded with “She can find me on Myspace…”

Heres the video of Akon saying ""You got a hold of me and you ain't even trying. I'm a celebrity. My schedule is on the internet. You can go on my MySpace, it'll tell you where I'm at!"

Akon to Baby Mama: Can't Find Me, Try MySpace!

lmao at the toomfoolenary.Seems like Akon is spreading his seed all over the place.

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