Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is Big Brother Africa 's Richard the next Van Viker?

From reality show contestant to actor?Hmm..haven't we all heard that one before?Well for Big Brother Africa 2 's winner Richard Bezuidenhout ,that's the way it is.The $100,000 winning Tanzanian is set to conquer Nollywood in a movie about a guy who falls in love with four sisters and manages to somehow convince them to sleep with them.That sounds like a perfectly dramatic Nollywood movie ,huh?So does anyone think that he will be the next Van Vicker ?Well Van is a bad boy in the movies and I'm personally in love with him so my vote on who's hotter and who reps the bad boys we hate to love goes 100% to Van.But I guess it won't be hard to play a cheater seeing as Richard was sexually involved with Angolan housemate Tatiana while he was still married .Old habits die hard ,huh?

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Anonymous said...

The movie also sounds like the 1992 Spanish movie, Belle Epoque starring Penelope Cruz