Saturday, February 14, 2009

Event fabulosity :Estelle+new music +Djimon and Kimora

Djimon and his fiancee Kimora Lee are expecting as I told you before and that hasnt stopped them from attending a number of events .Infact,I've seen pics of them almost everyday .They have been attending movie premieres (Djimon's movie Push is coming out soon),as well as pre-grammy parties abt a week ago ,and fashion shows .Peep the pics .I cannot wait to see that baby!
Estelle was a performer at the grammy's with Kanye West and I am not a fan of the outfits she wore .(As usual).She did not walk away empty handed .The star was spotted hitting up the Vip Gift lounge suite before the grammy's ,and was at a fashion show for fashion week .She has confessed to being in a relationship with an "american boy".(though she refuses to give names.She has a new song out as well,as she is working on her new album.Her new song is descibed as being different from her last album .Enjoy the pics and check out Estelle's new song.


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