Monday, October 19, 2009

Black girls dont get Love?+new Laura Izibor video

So theres been the on-going discussion on why more and more African artists are using non-black girls in their videos .Dbanj is one of the artists whose new song "Kimon" had people talking.But another one who has people MAD as hell is Taio Cruz.Hes half brazillian and half Nigerian.He actually blatantly said,

"“I like to put girls in my video that I think are hot. If a really hot black girl came to a casting, she’d be in my video. I think that people even focusing on the race issue in my videos is a problem. And I would almost react by never putting black girls in my video, because I’m that type of person – rebellious. I’d be like, ‘If that’s how you’re gonna be, I’m never gonna put black girls in my videos.’”Huh?okay then.He does have some good songs though.Not that its an xcuse or ne thing.

TAIO CRUZ-break your Heart.

Also,Nigerian -irish raised Laura Izibor has a new song that Im loving right now .
LAURA IZIBOR-don't stay.

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TEEJAY said...

i luvvv Laura!