Monday, October 19, 2009

Wale and Solange NOT dating?+new music and other Wale ish

Okay ,first things first.For everyone who was rooting for Solange and Wale to confirm their relationship status,ur not in luck.I posted a vid in my previous updates where the Nigerian singer said him and sol are "just friends".Now Solange agreed with Wale.
In an interview with Honey Magazine where she was asked ,

Honey Mag:Well, speaking of assumptions. I think a lot of people have been zeroing in on Twitter convos between you and a certain Mr. Wale, automatically linking the two of you together. Then we see Central Park photos…


Honeymag:Whether we’re rooting for it or not… we just want to know.

SOLANGE:Well, he’s definitely not my boyfriend. but we are good friends. I have worked with him in the past and I think he’s uber-talented. I think he’s really smart and really creative. And I respect his art. We have a mutual thing. We’re on the same record label and yeah…"

She went on to say that they worked on a track together "Fuck the industry" and that they performed at the VMA's and are trying to find a "video snippet" on youtube.So I guess no sex tapes?

In other Wale news,Drake ,Kid cudi and Him were named "Man of the Year" by GQ Mag.The three men did a photoshoot recently and Wale 's rep said the mag took a diff approach by crowning 3 men .Wale will be on Jimmy Fallon on NOV 10th when his album drops.Wale has a new song with Rihanna although it is rumored that he just took a part of her singing from an old Rih song and added his version.Here it is.


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