Monday, October 19, 2009

Lola Love releases mixtape and the Noisettes giving it away FREE!!

So I guess Lady Monroe aka Lola Love is serious about her rap career.i dont knw whether her and 50 are still collaborating on her album but she has released a second mixtape called "Lola Monroe Chronicles Volume 1: Art of Motivation."Its desribed as

"a vivid musical collage about dreams, the struggle, love, hate, money and the grind." Lola Monroe has enlisted the help of friends including Trina, Drake, Soulja Boy, Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Gangsta Boo and Rasheeda. The mixtape is powered by DJ Fletch, DJ Rob and Blue Rose Entertainment".Ok then.

Moving onto more "talented people",the Noisettes have a mixtape out and the track listing is below.DOWNLOAD FOR FREE .
1. The Noisettes f/ 6th Sense: Say You’ll Be Noisy (Remix by 6th Sense)
2. The Noisettes f/ Esso: Never Bad (Remix by nVMe)
3. The Noisettes: 24 Winters (Remix by Matt Friedman of ILLFONICS)
4. The Noisettes: Cheap Cops (Remix by Double 0)
5. The Noisettes f/ Christian Rich: Saturday Night Paranoia (Remix by Christian Rich)
6. The Noisettes: Upset Lockdown (Remix by 6th Sense & Apple Juice Kid)
7. The Noisettes: Amazing Heartbeat (Remix by The Cataracts)
8. The Noisettes f/ Dao Jones: Sometimes I’m Heartless (Remix by Apple Juice Kid & 6th Sense)

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