Sunday, January 20, 2008

African Resolutions.

So ,how many pipo make New Year's resolutions to lose weight or get a new haircut or whatever?And how many actually work?Almost none of them.So I was thinking of a new set of resolutions that we could do together and exchange experiences on them.So it's never to late to start and you could choose one or all or some of the ones that work 4 u.

1.Learn or Practice the lingo!How many times have you thought that someone was talking about you but you were not really sure because you didn't know what they were saying because they were speaking in your language that you don't get?Maybe it's time to learn it.Get someone to teach you.For those who already know some Xhosa,Bemba,Swahili or whatever your language is,practice it and don't be afraid to speak it at the mall with ur mum instead of whispering that she speak in a less embarrassing language.Trust me,I'm a hypocrite but I'll have 2 learn some time!

2.Wear something African once in a while.It doesn't have to be a whole boubou ,but it could be a scarf in your national colors,earrings made from beads,any thing at all that identifies you.

3.Be more patient with ignorant people.That means the next time someone asks u if you speak African,calmly smile and say that African is not a language.Educate them !

4.Eat African food!Instead of McDonalds,why not indulge in some delicious home cooked Pap,Injera,cassava,Fufu or whatever your national food is.

5.Go back home!If you don't live in your country or haven't visited in a while,try to go home,at least for a few days.I know it's expensive to get there,but it will be worth it in the end.You should also visit other African countries you've never been to and discover new cultures,languages and people.Our continent is beautiful people!

6.Play some Afro beats on your way to work,at work or upload some House,Kwaito,Coupe De Cale onto your I-pod .I mean aren't u tired of Kanye West when we have our own artists ?There is only enough 50 cent to listen to.

7.Get involved in a cause.This could be anything from joining a group on Facebook like Save Darfur or donating old clothes back home.I'll have a list of some great causes to get involved in a few days.

8.Watch the arts.This could be watching a new or old African movie like Sarafina or reading one of Chinua Achebe's books .Go to google or Barnes and Noble to get more info.

9.Stop hating!Stop stereotyping people from different tribes or countries .We are all AFRICAN ,ok?

10.Lastly,make it through to 2010 beacuse u know whats going down in SA.The World Cup.Check on-line for hotels and stuff cuz it's getting closer and closer....

Hit me up with more resolutions and tell me if u like these ones ...

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