Monday, January 14, 2008



1). We do not live in trees -we have houses made out of brick.Sure there are shacks and metal houses and mud huts in the poor areas but not everywhere..

2).Africa is not one country .It's a continent.Like South-America or Asia and it is made up of 52 independent countries...

3)We don't all have five mother's because our fathers are polygamists.Sure some tribes still practice that but its not like everyone does it.

4)We don't have lions as pets .We have zoos and national parks .

5)It's not called the "click "language.It's called Xhosa and is spoken in South Africa.Google that.

6).We do not speak "African".We have a lot of different tribes.Zambia has about 72 languages alone.

7)Our lives are not all like Nigerian movies !

8)We don't walk around "Naked".We have clothes!

9)The Ethiopian famine is not still on .It ended in 1984 .

10)"Black Hawk Down "is over.Way over !

So there you go .I've set the record straight .Go get educated with before you open your mouth and diss us about our continent.

And please feel free to add to this list.Im looking forward to watching the list reach a 100.Im sure you can think of some more .I heard that there's a group on Facebook about the dumbest things that you've ever been asked about Africa.Im not sure what it's called but I'll keep you posted and if u've already heard about it ,be informed that this is a chance to holla back and educate the ignorant .
I have to end this by remembering having a similar conversation with one of my closest friend's Lawrence (Who will definitely appear on this blog regularly ).He once told me that someone at our College asked him where he was from in terms of continent and they said that he" looked cute for an African ".He didn't take that as an insult because he's the sweetest guy ever but let's just hope that someone reads this .

PS:He's good looking for any

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monique said...

go on girl, tell them!!!!!!!