Sunday, January 13, 2008

Everything African

"Oh ,you're African ?So do you like speak African ?"

"Do you have cars or do you live in trees ?"

How many of you have been bombarded by questions of that sort ,if not word for word by people when you tell them u are African? Well ,I was sick of people stereotyping Africans ,out of ignorance or disinterest.
I guess u cant blame them for these comments,no matter how offending or ridiculous they sound, because when you think about it,how many times have you seen an African magazine in your local Barnes and Noble ?Have you ever seen an African star being mentioned as much as other stars ?I mean apart from the reports about how Akon behaved "inappropriately" with a minor while on tour ?Have you noticed that usually the negative things about Africa is all that people known about it ?
Well,this blog is meant to educate people and expose people to what Africa is really about..minus the poverty and starvation.The aim is for you to send anything you want that you think embodies Africa.This could be a poem,an article or photos of you in African attire or whatever of that sort.You could send in receipes,myths ,or you could tell us what your favorite African movies are ,your fav African celebrities ,programmes ,role models,comment on African events you know about ,discuss news,send in quotes ,tell us how to get involved in making Africa a better place etc.Anything you like .
Remember that this is about you and sharing your African spirit ...
Looking forward to hearing from you .Chcek out the stuff that my friends and I have come up with and send in your opinions,critiques(Constructive please!),comments and suggestions...

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TEEJAY said...

I 100% agree with TIS INFORMATION u provided Maz.Because it educates non-africans in so many ways,like how we live n de life-style we portray as african..I hope people can read tis n realize their misconcepts about afica n africans..