Monday, January 14, 2008

Love at first bite...Injera

Living in Addis Ababa ,Ethiopia, eating Injera was part of the 'Ethiopian Experience'.Injera is the staple food in Ethiopia and it is made out of Teff which is a wheat-like grain.

My first experiences with Injera were not pleasant and I remember my tongue being assaulted by the sour food .It took me about a year to gain enough courage to taste Injera again and this time..It was love at first bite .
From then on I ate Injera every week day at school and sometimes on the weekends if I could convince my parents to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant or if our cook made it.
I still dream of the Shiro,Quanta Fir Fir,Tibs and Dorowot from Addis and unfortuantely,I still have not yet had the chance to eat it since I arrived here in the US.
My parents still don't get why I would eat Injera over our zambian staple food nshima which I avoid like the plague .
Until I venture onto the Ethiopian restaurants I googled ,I will reminisce over my love at first bite.
For pictures of Injera and a video of how it's made ,I'll keep you posted as I'm still trying to figure out this whole blog thing and technology is not really my thing so be patient but if you have any 411 on that ,holla at me.

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BoOtYlIcIoUs said...

LUV @ FIRST BITE ...4 REAL...I LUV INJERA 2...ive had it here in ZED bt it jus aint da same..u feel me?!?