Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HOT VIDEO(I'm in it!)

I am a dancer is this video.Im wearing black in one scene(black top and skirt) and white top and skirt in another scene.I also wear a black top and white pants.My hair is in braids in the scenes with the white and the pants.You can see me at 2:03 ,2:14,2:54,,3:18 and if u look carefully you'll see more of me.

This music video is by Ethiopian artist Samvod whose real name is Sammy Kasa.He starred in the Ethiopian movie 'Love and Dance' which I will not comment on because I haven't seen it.I'm pretty sure that he is well known among ethiopians .It is reported that he performed on Dec 8 th for the NEXTAID foundation at BB Kings.I worked with Samvod in late 2005 to early 2006 when the video which is called 'Tey' came out .My friends and I used to perform at various locations in Addis Ababa and our dance group was called United Girls .We met Samvod through one of our informers or you could say ' 'Agents' and we first performed for him in Meskel Square which is where major events take place in Addis Ababa.We even went with him to Nazareth which is a city about 2 hours drive from Addis.I'll put up the tape in a few days of that trip but this is the video that I featured in with my friends .We did it in a popular club called 'Illusion' and let me just say that we did so many takes and making a video isn't as easy as it looks.

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