Sunday, January 20, 2008


1.You unwrap all your gifts carefully so that you can reuse the wrapping.

2.You almost always carry overweight baggage when u travel!

3.U call people u have never met your uncle and auntie.

4.No one in your family informs you that they are coming over for a visit.(E.g uncle,sister-in-law,two nephews and the neighbor.

5.You keep changing your internet service provider because the first month of subscription is free!

6.You only make telephone calls at a cheaper rate at night and even those are missed calls.

7.Your parents idea of discipline was not Grounding' you.More like spanking you with the garden hose pipe.

8.All brands of washing powder are reduced to 'Surf' and cooking oil is 'salad'

9.You were sent to the neighbor's house at least twice a day to ask for various items such as salt,tomato or the newspaper.

10.You never have less than 20 people to meet you at the airport even though it's a domestic flight.

So can u think of any thing else that makes you African ?If u can,don't be afraid to comment and send ur opinion.

It's about African Pride and African Spirit.

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sexybit38 said...

dis is so funny.i think all africans have somthing commom in what u have