Friday, January 25, 2008

Best African movies .

Remember watching Shaka Zulu as a kid? Sarafina was our version of a musical back then.More movies about Africa have been made recently,from the oscar winning TSOTSI to the touching story of 'Yesterday' to the depiction of the Rwandan genocide in 1994 in 'Hotel Rwanda' .These movies have made us laugh and cry,formed questions in our minds and have above all,shown us things about our African culture.Here are some clips from some of the best african movies made.


Sarafina depicts the life of a teenage girl (played by Leleti Khumalo)in Apartheid south africa,which was a time when blacks,colored's (biracial people) where seperated and the whites were made to be superior.When her teacher (Whoopi Goldberg) is arrested for teaching students that they are not inferior to the whites,chaos ensues and Sarafina and her freind's lives are in mortal danger.Throughout the movie,Sarafina uses song to convey her feelings and dreams.For more info,go to google.

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Shaka Zulu's estimated year of birth is 1785 and he was born to Nandi and his father was the king of the Zulu tribe.Shaka is best known for the training methods he taught his Impis (warriors) such as The bullhorn method.For more info go to

Don Cheadle takes on the role as Paul Rusebagina,a real-life hotel manager who sheltered Tustsi's who were escaping from the Hutu's who carried out a massive genocide in 1994 that left many dead and led to ethnic tension in Rwanda.For more info,go to

Blood Diamond is the story of an a man who finds a pink diamond that transforms his and his the life of an ex-zimbabwean merceny .For more info go to

This movie takes place in the Apartheid-era in South Africa and involves two young men who carry out attacks against the regime.For more info go to

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i luv the movie 'sarafina'.i watch it when i was a kid n i still plz can u put sum ghanaian movies or west african movies on the blog.thanks ,dis blog rocks